She felt peace in the midst of the storm...

I am taking an e-course called SheArt by Christy Tomlinson.  In it we learn how to make these cute little girls. It is so fun to start with a completely blank canvas and just start to get MESSY! Making the clothes and doing the shading is a stretch for takes a little more detail and a little more time than what I normally like to do.  But is it great experience! The snowstorm was a little burst of inspiration....mainly because I made the girl too short for the canvas!  So I had to think of something for her to stand on.  I decided to go with a pile of snow....then made some snowflakes coming down. The saying "She Felt Peace In The Midst Of The Storm" was one of the many prompts from the class.  I hadn't even read that one as I was making the painting.  It just jumped out at me when I saw it - and decided it was a perfect fit for my angel in a snowstorm! Funny how things tend to come together even when you don't plan it all the way out!

Musical Mystery...

Sometimes music lifts us up.  Sometimes it haunts us.  Sometimes the elusive melody takes our hearts to a place where the answer is just out of reach...a swirling mystery.  What does this painting evoke for you?
November 26, 2011 by 1

Inspired by....Fall Colors!

Oh the beautiful fall colors...deep oranges, soft yellows, slight snippets of green, and various hues of brown.  How I love the contrasts and the tones of fall! I did an image transfer of a photo that caught my eye in a magazine and then altered it.  I'm not quite sure where the inspiration for the zipper came in....but it felt right!  Maybe it's symbolic of having to sip up my jacket as the cold temperatures descend upon us. Happy fall!
November 14, 2011 by 1

The art of music...

Sometimes the basic colors of black and white fascinate me.  The symmetry of piano keys can beautiful.  I wanted to meld the perfect alignment of ebony and ivory with chaos and color! This was my first experiment with using photoshop to merge a canvas.  For all of you artsy followers, this was a ton of fun!  The canvas itself was too big to fit on a scanner, so I had to scan it in 4 parts.  Photoshop Elements allows you to bring all four scans into one piece and "stitches" them together perfectly for you!  The technology is simply amazing! I used my new scanner, the Epson Perfection V600 Photo Color Scanner "".  I was amazed at the color match - I didn't have to adjust color settings at all - and it was a perfect color match for the actual painting.  VERY impressed with that! I love how you can see the actual texture of the real painting also.  Fun for me.  Hopefully inspiring for you! Anyone interested in the PhotoMerge steps - read on! 1.  Set your scanner settings to at least 350 dpi so you have a good high resolution scan to save. 2.  Scan in as many parts as you need to and save each scan separately. 3. Open photoshop elements editor.  Select File, select new, select Photomerge panorama. 4.  Under the Layout options, choose auto. Then click the browse oval on the right to open the files that you just scanned. 5.  Select the scans you want to merge together.  Click Open. 6.  Check the boxes for Blend Images Together and Vignette Removal.  Click Ok.  Let it do its thing! 7.  Make sure you flatten your images (Found under the Layers Menu bar) and Crop it (Found under the Image Menu Bar). 8.  Save it at whatever size you want!  Voila - a large canvas is now a cohesive single high resolution print!

Kids and Art!

Very rarely do I get my 12 year old son to set foot into the art studio.  But I found a way!  I got him a football player bobble head and he loved it!  Several times he has wandered in and sat in "his" chair to do a little painting.  The best part about it is the easy conversation that goes along between two people working on artistic projects.  You never know what topic of conversation will be broached.  Some days it is memorable.  Some days it is just the sweet comfort of passing time with a child who is growing up quickly. Now my boyfriend;s daughter is another story.  This little cutie has some major skill for a 6 year old.  She is chomping at the bit to get into the studio with me and paint, draw, color, and create.  And she is good - seriously good!  At her recent school conference her art teacher said she is drawing at the level of a 9 or 10 year old.  It makes me excited to nurture her gift, to spend time with her in the studio.  Little moments like that can lead to a lifetime of artistic love!!!!
November 07, 2011 by 1

The Symmetry of Life...

Today I got great news.  The man who has been my mentor for many years took a new position a number of years ago.  It changed the scope of how we could work together during that time.  I missed the way we talked and created new paths to follow. He called today to tell me he was returning to his old position.  I am filled with joy!  Sometimes the stars seem to align and you get a wish you didn't even realize you had. I made this dish at a ceramics class this summer.  I tried my best to create symmetry with the decor.  To me, the pattern makes sense.  Makes me feel solid - sure - in line.  I get the same feeling with knowing my mentor is returning.  Things are happening as they should.  The stars are aligning.  There is perfect symmetry!
November 04, 2011 by 1

An hour in the studio...

 Aaahhh...a morning with an extra hour.  So I head straight to my studio - my sanctuary!  The funny thing about having one hour in the studio is how much you can actually accomplish!  Just like in business, work expands to fill the time allotted for it! So this hour in my studio, what I got done is: 1.  Collaged some words I had cut out from a magazine into an art journal. 2.  Printed out my weekly curriculum for my Soul Restoration 2 class. 3.  Layered the first round of paint onto several pages in my "This is the Life I want to Live" visual journal. 4.  Sketched out an idea for a web page that I would like to design. 5.  Kissed my boyfriend when he wandered in. 6.  Added a layer of acrylic to this painting - love bubble wrap printing!!! 7.  And finally - wrote this blog post! Never let it be said that you can not accomplish a lot in one short hour!!!

My first print!

I'm so excited!  I took a class this summer about how to turn your art into something that can be sold.  And here is my first print!! Step 1 - bought a fabulous new art quality printer (Epson R1900) Step 2 - bought Epson Luster Paper Step 3 - bought and learned (sort-of) Photoshop Elements Step 4 - scanned a painting I had completed Step 5 - edited it and printed it!! Voila! So why does this excite me?  I guess because it is progress towards a dream that a year ago I didn't even know I had.  That's the funny thing about dreams, isn't it?  They can shift and change and carry you in directions that you can't even imagine.  Someday I would love it if a person loved my art enough to buy a piece of it - a print, a canvas, a calendar....  So the first step in making that happen is getting the art into a format that can become "for sale"! Next step - creating the web-store it can be bought in!  You can bet that I am on it!!
October 28, 2011 by 1

If you are going to sing....

Don't be shy.  If you are going to sing - let us hear you!  If you are going to live - live a life on fire with passion and joy!  I think that if you are going to spend the time and energy doing something - then put your heart into it and do it all the way.  Life is fully of opportunities to do something half way.  Don't.  Live a big life.  Give it your all.  If you are going to sing, then sing at the top of your lungs!!!
October 26, 2011 by 1

What's Your Style?

I think this is true!  I'm working on an idea for a "Line".  Something that personifies me.  Something about being bold, living life on fire, and forging ahead in new directions.  Living a big life.  Because that is MY style.  What's yours?
October 22, 2011 by 1