Check out this art retreat!

Why attend an art retreat?  Because it can change your life.  Seriously.  It changed mine!  How?  Because it opened my eyes and my heart it an entirely new world.  I had never even picked up a paintbrush.  But there was a little voice whispering inside me... I kept looking at paintings and thinking - I think I could do that, I just don't know how!  I saw an add for a retreat in Portland, OR so I ordered some art supplies, packed up my bag (and my courage!) and set off on an art journey.  What I learned there was amazing.  Not only did I learn the HOW behind the gorgeous art I admired, but I found a whole new community of women to celebrate creativity with. I will be teaching at the Creatives Celebrating Sisterhood retreat in April 2013.  Find out all the juicy details here.  The other teachers are Junelle Jacobson (yes ladies - she is a serious rock star!), Kris Lanae Binsfeld (who has a smoking new deal with Demdaco!), Rachel Payne (big time advocate of artists), Ann Marie (awesome and inspirational mixed media artist), Linda Kinnaman (who will be debuting an awesome collaborative art journal there!), and Jacquie Williamson (artist extrodinaire!). The head of the retreat asked me to do a video about this retreat.  This is my FIRST attempt at video - but its from the heart and it shares with you my journey about what a retreat did in my life.  I hope you come.  I hope it changes your life!! Check out the video!  Mary's Retreat Video   See you at the retreat - and don't forget the early bird discount available until July 1!