Check it out!  Mary’s art work has been featured in:

Mary Sterk Focused


A Siouxland Woman magazine cover story about Mary's focused life and how she over came obstacles to achieve what she has created from the ground up.


Eye For Fashion

Eye for Fashion is excited to share a collection of our inspirational interviews that you can listen to at your leisure. Listen to Artist Mary Sterk's interview about her Body Fab-You-lous collection.


Sacred Pregnancy

The Fall 2012 Issue of Sacred Pregnancy featured Mary’s piece Strong Enough.


Elizabeth Gonzalez


A May 2012 blog by artist Elizabeth Gonzalez.  This blog featured Mary’s core values as an artist and about living a big, radiant life!


SumMEr of ME 


Featured in the SumMEr of ME project by Renee Burke.  The Body Fab-YOU-lous piece “When You Embrace Your Radiance” was created for and featured in this amazing 2012 movement promoting self care.  


Stylaphile sponsored a New York City solo show of my Body Fab-YOU-lous line on July 11, 2015.  Read about it here!

Step Boldly Towards Your Future was featured on this amazing site, Stylaphile,  in October 2012!


Do What You Love

A May 2012 blog by Beth Nicholls of Do What You Love.  This blog featured the Dancing Girl painting Mary did while taking the Flora Bowley e-course Bloom True! 


Brooke Castillo

Featured on the Pinterest Board “What I Teach and Learn” by master weight loss coach Brooke Castillo (ladies – she seriously rocks!).   The Body Fab-YOU-Lous prints “Your Worth” and “To Change Your Body” were featured.


Mixed Media May

Featured in the 2013 lineup of Mixed Media May – an annual celebration of Mixed Media Artists


Kind Over Matter

Featured on the Blog Kind Over Matter.  The Body Fab-YOU-lous piece “Your Worth”was the illustrative painting.


Creatives Celebrating Sisterhood

Mary was a featured artist teaching at The Creatives Celebrating Sisterhood Retreat in April, 2013.


Stampington's Art Journaling Magazine

Mary's art journal was the first one featured in the January/February 2016 magazine article  Read the article here - "Out of the past and into my future"



Brave Girls Club

The April 16th newsletter for Brave Girls Club.  This little birdie “Color Your Wings” was featured as the Artist Of the Day!



Mary’s Paris inspired piece Angelina was the subject of the guest blog on J’ouellette – the best way on the internet today to learn to speak French!


Bibi Dublave

The painting Who Are You was featured in this article by Kelly Diels, of Bibi Dublave, How To Be the Sexiest Woman In The World.


Susan Hyatt

The May 2012 newsletter from the fabulous weight loss coach Susan Hyatt.  This Body Fab-YOU-lous print “You Are NOT The Number On The Scale” was featured in the “Loving This” Section!


Linda Barutha

 A June 2012 blog by Linda Barutha.  This blog introduced Mary to Linda’s audience as one of the featured teachers at an art retreat Mary is teaching at!