Who Are You?

Who are you?  Jackie by day, Marilyn by night?  I think as women all of us struggle at times to define not only our own personal style, but fundamentally who we actually are.  We are taught as little girls to be cute, and good, and quiet.  We are told as women to be bold and to own our power.  Somewhere in between is probably who we really are! Jackie by Day - that means to me being classy and elegant.  Polished and professional.  Handling life with grace and calm.  Being responsible.  Getting things done.  Feeling satisfied with a hard days work.  Smart and subtle clothing.  Matching shoes and purses. Marilyn by Night - that means to me being bold and daring.  Living it up.  Wild fun.  Chasing boys.  Sparkly clothes.  Plunging necklines.  Short skirts.  A little naughty and a lotta sassy. I am very sure that the soul of Mary Sterk lands somewhere right in between - a mix that is unique to me.  Just Mary.  Who are you?

It's My Birthday and I'll Paint If I Want To, Paint If I Want To...

You would paint too if it de-stressed you!  Ba ba ba ba bah!!!




This is a new one I am working on....its slowly starting to take shape.  I have no firm idea yet of where I am going with it... but I am enjoying the process and seeing where it takes me!


Normally I am very planned - very structured.  But in the art studio I can float and just go where the mood takes me.   No rules.  No right way.  Just enjoyment.  No wonder I find it therapeutic!


So thank you art studio!  You make every day feel like a birthday!!!!