All Geared Up...

Gears Gears

It's kind of fun to play with some new things, and the last two paintings I have done included gears!    I like the way they look on a canvas.  It makes me think about time passing and the mechanics of things working together.  Here is a close up of those lovely gears. IMG_0071 Playing with texture has become a hobby of mine.  I love it when a painting makes you want to reach out and touch it.  If there is enough texture, I think it draws the viewer in… makes you want to just graze the top of it with your fingertips. This next piece also features some gears, and it got me to thinking about how our minds work.  How the gears in our minds go round and round.  We can gear up for good thoughts and great lives.  Or we can gear down for depressing thoughts and loose the joy in life.  I certainly prefer the former!  And that is what this piece is all about.  These are the thoughts I hope that inhabit your mind!

The Gears In Your Mind The Gears In Your Mind

And of course, the close up for you! IMG_0078   Makes you want to reach out and touch - right?  Both of these pieces are available for sale.  Just click the links on the pictures to find them. I wish you a fabulous day and hope that the gears in your life are all turning in the right direction!!

She Is Becoming....

[caption id="attachment_1046" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]She Is Becoming She Is Becoming
Prints Available Here[/caption] She Is Becoming.... Every woman lives through her own transformational journey. She grows, she changes, she becomes the best version of herself.  I have been on my own journey - changing and developing as I find my way within the world of art and creativity.  Sometimes this change is welcome and joyful, and sometimes it is challenging and painful.  But I do believe that all change leads towards the life we are desiring.  Often the path there is twisty and turny and different than what we imagined, but the journey itself is filled with moments of exquisite love, happiness and enchantment. When this painting developed into a butterfly, I knew it would become a painting about change.  The day I added the woman in the center of it, I knew it would be about transformation.  I had so much fun selecting the words on this - thinking of all of the things a woman thinks about as she grows into herself.  She thinks about beauty, grace, and fashion.  She feel sexy, alluring, and bold.  Chic and sassy are part of her makeup - and stepping into her vibrancy is so empowering.  I also had fun playing with the title.  She is Becoming.... something new.  And the word becoming also means beautiful.  A fun and inspiring little play on words. I hope she inspires you as you become the best version of yourself on your own journey!    

If You Get The Inside Right....

[caption id="attachment_962" align="aligncenter" width="804"]Get The Inside Right Get The Inside Right
Prints Available Here[/caption]   "If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place." - Eckhart Tolle How true this is. In a world that places so much emphasis on the way our physical body looks, it is sometimes hard to remember that the real work is done on the inside. I know that I have spent many hours in my life trying to look a certain fit a certain standard of beauty.  I have exercised like a fiend to fit into a certain size.  I have worn my hair in styles to emulate the current celebrity look.  I have spent a lot of money on clothing that was "in".  In fact it took me until my mid thirties to even recognize what my own version of beauty was - until then I was trying to conform myself to whatever my husband or boyfriend thought was attractive.  What I learned was that until I could define what beautiful meant in my own eyes, then I would never feel beautiful in my own skin. I also learned that defining beautiful did not mean the size of my jeans or the number on the scale.  I found that the real meaning of beauty lay deep inside of me.  For a woman to feel she is beautiful, she must be at peace within her own soul.  She has to become confident in who she is and what she stands for.  I have learned that when a woman recognizes her own amazing worth, that she will begin to accept the body she inhabits.  And when you accept your body as it is, it creates the space for it to change in healthy and permanent ways. So when I saw this quote by Eckhart Tolle, I knew I had to turn it into a piece of art.  And I wanted that art to be all about love...loving yourself...loving your life.  For all of my Body Fab-YOU-lous friends out there....I dedicate this piece to you and your journey towards getting the inside right.

Your Worth...

Your Worth - Click Here To Purchase

Your Worth Is Never Measured By A Number On The Scale. Isn't that the truth? So many of us measure our very worth by that tricky little number. We give the scale SO much power over us - over our self esteem.  Wouldn't it be nice if we stepped on a scale and what it reported back was that we were AWESOME?  GORGEOUS?  ENOUGH? It's time to stop measuring your worth by what you see on the scale. You are enough. Right now. No matter what the number on the scale is - you are enough! And the first person you need to convince of that is - yourself. Now I'm not saying that being at a healthy weight isn't a good idea.  It is.  You and I both should definitely strive for that for a whole host of reasons.  But I am saying that a healthy weight does not equal what you are worth.  And a healthy weight should never dictate your self esteem, your sense of self worth, and your own believe in your abilities to be awesome.  So take this to heart.  You are Body Fab-YOU-lous! Prints of this piece are available for purchase here.  They look like this!

Who Are You?

Who are you?  Jackie by day, Marilyn by night?  I think as women all of us struggle at times to define not only our own personal style, but fundamentally who we actually are.  We are taught as little girls to be cute, and good, and quiet.  We are told as women to be bold and to own our power.  Somewhere in between is probably who we really are! Jackie by Day - that means to me being classy and elegant.  Polished and professional.  Handling life with grace and calm.  Being responsible.  Getting things done.  Feeling satisfied with a hard days work.  Smart and subtle clothing.  Matching shoes and purses. Marilyn by Night - that means to me being bold and daring.  Living it up.  Wild fun.  Chasing boys.  Sparkly clothes.  Plunging necklines.  Short skirts.  A little naughty and a lotta sassy. I am very sure that the soul of Mary Sterk lands somewhere right in between - a mix that is unique to me.  Just Mary.  Who are you?

She Was Ready To Bloom Bigger Than Life...

She was ready to bloom.  But not just bloom into a lovely small flower.  She was ready to bloom big.  Bigger than life.  She craved a big life full of adventure, romance, and fabulous experiences.  She was ready to live a big life.  Are you?

A Wordle For You!

I found an awesome site - all of you word lovers will be in pure bliss!  It is  You can put in a series of words and it will create a word picture for you.  You can even put in a website or blog and it will pull words from that url and make your Wordle picture.  You can change themes, size, shape and color.  I think this is so fun!!!  And it is free!!! This wordle is from my art blog, Just Mary Designs.  I love seeing what words jumped out!

Bon Voyage...

Bon voyage is a French phrase literally meaning "good journey", and usually translated as meaning "have a good trip".   As we wave goodbye to 2011 and welcome in in 2012 I can't help but wonder - Where will this journey take us next? In 2011 I had no idea there would be a massive flood that would cause me to evacuate my home and my office.  I wonder what will happen within my home in 2012? In 2011 I had no idea that painting would become such a passion and I would begin to create in new and wonderful ways.  I wonder what I will create in 2012? In 2011 I had no idea that I would start an art blog.  I wonder what e-artsyness will happen in 2012? In 2011 I had no idea that I would meet the love of my life.  I wonder where that relationship will go in 2012? In 2011 I had no idea that I would soon become a grandmother (yikes - am I that old?!?).  I wonder what it will be like to meet my grandson in 2012? I wish you all Bon Voyage as you set to enter the next phase of your own journey!!
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She Carried Herself With A Timeless Sense Of Class...

I've always been attracted to the look of a classy woman.  You know what I am talking about.  The kind that even looks like a million bucks when walking through a crowded airport.  I notice them while I am walking through the terminal in my lulu lemon yoga pants.  I think that Jackie O had the most fabulous sense of style.  When I wear a dress reminiscent of her style, I immediately feel classier.  Timeless class -  what does that mean to you?

She found a different way to fly...

We all want to fly.  Sometimes it is a dream that we hope takes flight.  Sometimes it is physically getting onto an airplane to fly to an exotic vacation.  Sometimes I see a bird riding on the crest of the wind and I wish I had that freedom of flight. I saw this video and watched with open mouth.  What an amazing display of flight.  You have to take a look at it.  Then you may be inspired to find your own different way to fly. Inspired by the teaching of Christy Tomlinson.
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