She Was Ready To Bloom Bigger Than Life...

She was ready to bloom.  But not just bloom into a lovely small flower.  She was ready to bloom big.  Bigger than life.  She craved a big life full of adventure, romance, and fabulous experiences.  She was ready to live a big life.  Are you?

It's My Birthday and I'll Paint If I Want To, Paint If I Want To...

You would paint too if it de-stressed you!  Ba ba ba ba bah!!!




This is a new one I am working on....its slowly starting to take shape.  I have no firm idea yet of where I am going with it... but I am enjoying the process and seeing where it takes me!


Normally I am very planned - very structured.  But in the art studio I can float and just go where the mood takes me.   No rules.  No right way.  Just enjoyment.  No wonder I find it therapeutic!


So thank you art studio!  You make every day feel like a birthday!!!!