My First Art Show!

Ready for a show! Ready for a show!

November 1st marked a momentous occasion for me - my first Art Show!  Here is my story….and the amazing lesson I learned from it! IMG_1466   About 6 months ago I took some space in the Benson Building - a fantastic older building in downtown Sioux City.  There are 9 artists with studio space there - and each fall and spring they band together to do a group show, the Benson Burner. The Body Fab-YOU-lous Collection The Body Fab-YOU-lous Collection[/caption] I spent lots of time getting ready for the show, even recruiting a friend with gallery experience to help me group and hang the work!  (Thanks Amy R!)   Waiting in the wings to be finished! Waiting in the wings to be finished!

The big night finally arrived, and I was ready with some delicious food and lots of good wine! Yum and yum! Yum and yum!

I was very excited - over 300 people came thru the studio during the show.  What a thrilling experience for someone who first picked up a paintbrush three short years ago. Some of my early work Some of my early work[/caption] I sold 9 paintings during the show.  I wish their new owners continued beauty and that they bring you joy!One of my wall groupings One of my wall groupings

Here is what I learned from this show… anything is possible.  I've been a left brained numbers kind of girl for a very, very long time.  3 years ago I listened to the little whispers in my head that would talk to me while looking at art.  They whispers said "You could do that….you just don't know how."  So I learned how.  And I did it.  And if I can do it, anyone can.  It simply takes a willingness to listen, and a fearlessness to take some action.  You all have that in you.  I do - and it led me to an amazing art show and the faith that anything - ANYTHING! - is possible!Part of the Travel Collection Part of the Travel Collection

November 23, 2013 by Mary Sterk