The Artist's Way....

I recently finished the book "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron.  A truly amazing book.  I read it within an online group - tackling one chapter a month for a year.  I learned so much about myself as an artist and what my artistic dreams are!

I learned that I want to paint in amazing places - and explore them for long periods of time!


I learned that the beauty of the female form moves me.

female form

I learned that music deeply resonates with me, and must always be a part of my life.


I learned that the sight of paint on my hands makes my heart thump.


I learned that running wild and free is of vital importance to me.


I learned that self connection is the key to all connection.


I learned that romance in my life is so very fun and energizing.


I learned to take little steps towards my big goals - layer by layer, piece by piece, I am building something amazing.

small steps

I learned that avoiding my studio means I am avoiding an emotional issue that I don't want to face.


I learned that creating with my hands is the same as connecting with my heart.

hands heart

I'll Never Forget That I Love You

[caption id="attachment_1010" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]I'll Never Forget That I Love YouPrints Available Here I'll Never Forget That I Love You
Prints Available Here[/caption] "I'll Never Forget That I Love You" I was asked to create a piece for the upcoming Alzheimer's Association Wine & Chocolates Auction.  They told me their slogan for the night was "I'll never forget that I love you".  What powerful words.  I hope I did them justice. These eternal words inspired me to paint a piece depicting enduring love despite the loss of precious memories that are stolen when someone has Alzheimers. My goal with this painting was to convey the sharpness of the mind by altering the features in the face..... sharp features - sharp memories..... faded features - faded memories. I added words on her shirt to remind us that those with this disease may not be harshly suffering, they often have very tranquil hearts and light, flowering spirits. I have added letters, music & butterflies to the background. Letters and words are some of the first things a person learns. Every life has a score of beautiful music that winds through it's many stages and ages. Finally, the butterflies are there to show that as one stage of life ends, all of us may emerge into a new and lovely place where our soul can fly free. The softly blended heart between the two shows the love that is shared, now and forever. My hope is that this piece brings peace to your soul and a smile to your face while you remember the best part about loving your special someone who is challenged by Alzheimer's or Dementia.  Never forget that you love them.  

When You Love Someone...


What does loving someone mean to you?  For many people it can mean the joy and bittersweet sorrow of being a parent.  For some, love has brought heartache and tears.  Love lifts us up and inspires countless songs and works of art.  Wars have been fought and lives have been lost in the name of love.  

The writing on this painting says "When you love someone with all your heart, you give it away."  So true.  We can loose ourselves in love.  How many women have lost themselves in a bad relationship - only to rediscover their own essence upon becoming single again.  How many mothers have wearily looked up when their toddler turns two and ask themselves in a sleep deprived haze - where did the last two years of my life go?  Where did I go?

When we love with the ferocity of a mother, a lover, a friend, or a family... we give our hearts away. 

(Mixed media acrylics using a masking tape technique!)

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