My Word For 2012....Radiant

I read about the idea to choose one word to be MY word for the year.  It didn't take me long to choose one.  My word for 2012 is "RADIANT".  Why Radiant?  Because I need to tune back in to my own radiance.  And in shining within my own radiance, that will inspire others to shine themselves.  And that matters to me. If I embraced the word Radiant daily, if I truly lived that word, I think my world would change.  I think I would buy into my own power more.  I would trust my own strength to carry me through the stressful times.  Right now when I am stressed, I eat.  I think that if I lived radiantly, I would not harm myself that way and I would walk my way through stress.  I believe that living a radiant life means getting to my natural weight....and staying there. If I lived radiantly I think I would feel more energy, more connection with the universe, more connection with others.  I think I would be more productive and accomplish more things.  If I believe in my own radiance, and am more accepting of myself, I will become more accepting and loving of others. I also believe that Radiance will attract Radiance.  Living a Radiant life will draw me towards other radiant things that will enhance and empower my world.  And I think being Radiant will show up in my art work.  It will create its own beauty as it shines through me. So cheers to 2012 and to my word!!  RADIANT!!!!  
January 07, 2012 by 1