Le Voyage Paris...Day Four

Paris....day 4.  A day built for wandering the streets, popping into small stores and cafes, and just taking in all the magnificence that is the City Of Love. Our group of lovely ladies had a challenge today.  We were each given a word and asked to bring a food item to a picnic that was connected to our word.  My word was "Powerful".  I had to do some thinking about what a Powerful food would be.... So I wandered around the St Germain area pondering the question of "What food is powerful?"  Along the way I saw some amazing and very powerful architecture!  I stopped into a bakery.  Popped into a butcher shop.  Perused an open vegetable market.  Even wandered the aisles of an actual French grocery store (really quite different than American grocery stores - no carts - everyone buys small quantities that they can carry in a couple of bags!)  After thinking about it I made my picnic purchases and set out to meet up with my group at the beautiful Luxembo0urg Gardens. At the gardens there were dozens of guys playing chess.  Some matches were slow and drawn out.  Some of them were a battle of quick wits - men making a move and tapping the timer - tap move tap move!  It was kind of like seeing a movie but it was unfolding in front of my eyes! We decided to spread our picnic out near this lovely statue.  We spread out the blankets and each woman contributed her food.  It was a gorgeous array of unique and delicious foods -  a feast fit for queens!! Oh my taste buds were dancing!  There was fresh salmon, currants, quiche, olives, figs, baguettes and more!  Paired with sparkling champagne it was a picnic never to be forgotten!  What did I bring you ask?  Well, I brought two things.  First I brought some meat - meat is a powerful protein that strengthens us. I also brought croissants.  I know that might sound odd - how is a croissant powerful?  I think a croissant is powerful because it gains strength from dozens of tiny and delicate layers.  Each layer builds upon the last one, until it is a strong and powerful bread - powerful enough to become the food symbol of an entire county!  I think the ladies in my group are this way too.  We, as women, are made up of many small and complex layers.  Our experiences, our beliefs, our emotions, our values....they all build into the strong and powerful women that we are.  Powerful enough to travel half way around the world to enjoy a picnic in Paris! At the picnic our Hostess Tonya Leigh gave us each a "Travel Card" to inspire us during the next 24 hours.  Here's mine.....and you won't believe how cool doing just this turned out to be the next day....you will have to stay tuned for that!  Believe me - my Bridge Experience was awesome! We had the afternoon on our own so I had a massage at the hotel spa, then hit a cafe for some coffee.  This is a very relaxed Mary after the massage! During the evening we went to Tonya's apartment for an evening salon.  We had a guest come in to share her new journey she was setting off on.  Minda Lennon and her family sold everything they owned in Australia and bought a barge.  She and her husband are going to live on this barge for a year, home schooling their two boys, while they navigate their way through the canals of France.  What a cool idea - the modern day gypsies!  It was fun to hear about her plans, fears and excitement! After the salon a few of us strolled down the street to the Arch De Triumph.  Absolutely gorgeous at night.... We took the Metro to the Eiffel Tower.  The tower lights up at night - each hour on the hour.  It sparkles like diamonds in the night.  It is truly a moving and awe inspiring sight.  Watching it feels like you are caught up in this amazing rush of beauty and power and history.  What a delight to witness! After our tower visit we hit a late night restaurant.  This tomato and whipped goat cheese salad was not only like a piece of artwork itself, but it was also one of the most delectible foods I have ever eaten!!!  To die for!  Once again, the food...the sights....the company....another magical day in Paris!