Fashion as Art Dolls


I have heard it said why not style yourself as if you were paintng a canvas?  Art is all around us... and our community has a fundrasier each year called Fashion as Art.  I was asked to help color some of the decorations for the event, soI passed a relaxing Sunday morning cooring, painting, and having some fun!



               First, I colored with my Aquarelle water               IMG_5340

                soluble crayons (left).  These crayons are so

               cool!   You just add a little water to what you

              have colored (right)  and voila!  It looks like you

              spent a long time painting!                                 


              I did a bunch of them, then finished off 

              some of the details with glittler stickles.



IMG_5349 IMG_5351























If you are gonna get dressed, might as 

well dress with a little flair!!!