Seize The Day


Seize The Day.  We have all heard that saying a million times, but what does it really mean in our lives?  For some of us it might mean to really be present.  For others it may mean reaching higher, running faster, or working harder to make a dream come true.  For me, seizing the day is about making each day count while moving closer to my crazy compelling vision of the future.  This vision of the future includes relationships filled with love, work that creates a positive impact, creating art that brings beauty to the world, inspiring myself and others, traveling to amazing destinations, laughing 'till it hurts, communing with nature by growing and nurturing plants, conversations that uplift me, developing my spiritual side more, music that moves me, adventures that amaze me, and fully embracing the every day simple moments that create lasting memories.  Crazy…. probably.  Compelling…. definitely.  That's how I plan to Seize The Day.  How will you?

P.S.  The original 8x10 of this is still available on my website.  So are matted prints.  Come check them out!


August 09, 2015 by Mary Sterk