What brings you JOY?

In a world that can sometimes seem crazy, upside down and full of challenges there are always bright spots of joy.  Today, I am wondering what brings YOU joy?   I find joy in many things.  I find it in the sweet, sleeping face of my grandson, Baby T (sometimes that joy is because he has stopped crying!  ha ha).  I find it in the beauty of vibrant color that surrounds me in my art studio.  Joy is found in the comfort of my home, the soft cozyness of my bed, and in the beautiful green expanse of my yard.   I get a lift of joy when I come home after the cleaning ladies have been here (joy that my house is clean and joy that I don't have to do it!).  Joy finds me at my office when I know I have done a good job helping a client.  Sometimes the sweet taste of a delicious meal fills my mouth with joy, and sometimes its in that first sip of hot, hot coffee after I awake.   I have huge joy watching my youngest son play football, and my daughter grow into her role of motherhood.  Joy fills me each time my oldest son passes another college course (joy at his accomplishment and joy that the tuition bills will soon be done!).   I feel a burst of joy in seeing someone I have mentored succeed or be inspired by guidance I have given.   Listening to my sister sing delights my ears and fills them with joy.  So does silly music that I sing at the top of my lungs to in my car.  When I sit at the piano and tinkle tho ivories, joy flows out of my fingers.   Watching my own parents love on my grandson is a special kind of joy that tugs at my heart.  Breathing in the smell of hazelnut scentsy in my kitchen fills my nose with joy.  Meditating and feeling the touch of God fills my soul with a deep peace and sense of joy.   And painting, painting, painting spills my joy out onto a canvas.  Where do you find your joy?
September 16, 2012 by 1