She found a different way to fly...

We all want to fly.  Sometimes it is a dream that we hope takes flight.  Sometimes it is physically getting onto an airplane to fly to an exotic vacation.  Sometimes I see a bird riding on the crest of the wind and I wish I had that freedom of flight. I saw this video and watched with open mouth.  What an amazing display of flight.  You have to take a look at it.  Then you may be inspired to find your own different way to fly. Inspired by the teaching of Christy Tomlinson.
December 21, 2011 by 1
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Michelle - ShellsintheBush

Michelle - ShellsintheBush said:

Love the title, love the collage and loved the video – awesome.

Adventure | The Art of Collecting Yourself

Adventure | The Art of Collecting Yourself said:

[…] came across this video (and immediately wanted to share it with you) on a friend’s blog recently. She found it on another woman’s blog. And each of us has taken the video to heart […]

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