Kids and Art!

Very rarely do I get my 12 year old son to set foot into the art studio.  But I found a way!  I got him a football player bobble head and he loved it!  Several times he has wandered in and sat in "his" chair to do a little painting.  The best part about it is the easy conversation that goes along between two people working on artistic projects.  You never know what topic of conversation will be broached.  Some days it is memorable.  Some days it is just the sweet comfort of passing time with a child who is growing up quickly. Now my boyfriend;s daughter is another story.  This little cutie has some major skill for a 6 year old.  She is chomping at the bit to get into the studio with me and paint, draw, color, and create.  And she is good - seriously good!  At her recent school conference her art teacher said she is drawing at the level of a 9 or 10 year old.  It makes me excited to nurture her gift, to spend time with her in the studio.  Little moments like that can lead to a lifetime of artistic love!!!!
November 07, 2011 by 1
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Sherry Richert Belul

Sherry Richert Belul said:

I LOVE that you got your son to paint. And how wonderful about the easy conversation that happens during the time in the studio. Truly inspiring!


spaark said:

Mary – I was just sitting here with my morning coffee wondering what am I going to do with my 11 yr old son today? – He is off school for the week. I dont have any bobble heads, but I am thinking I am going to spread him out with a canvas and some paints and leave him. No constructive criticism (unless he asks) nothing.. I will get back to you on how the day goes!:) Julie


justmarydesigns said:

Thanks Julie! I hope it went well and will love to hear about it!

Kathleen Jetmore Conard

Kathleen Jetmore Conard said:

You are so wise to spend this time with them – they grow up so fast!

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