An hour in the studio...

 Aaahhh...a morning with an extra hour.  So I head straight to my studio - my sanctuary!  The funny thing about having one hour in the studio is how much you can actually accomplish!  Just like in business, work expands to fill the time allotted for it! So this hour in my studio, what I got done is: 1.  Collaged some words I had cut out from a magazine into an art journal. 2.  Printed out my weekly curriculum for my Soul Restoration 2 class. 3.  Layered the first round of paint onto several pages in my "This is the Life I want to Live" visual journal. 4.  Sketched out an idea for a web page that I would like to design. 5.  Kissed my boyfriend when he wandered in. 6.  Added a layer of acrylic to this painting - love bubble wrap printing!!! 7.  And finally - wrote this blog post! Never let it be said that you can not accomplish a lot in one short hour!!!
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Michelle said:

Wow, you achieved lots, well done, love bubble wrap too. :D


spaark said:

ok..obviously I am not using my time wisely. I think I need to be a wee bit more organized. Here on the blog hop, but getting caught up in the stories which are all so good. I love yours about the flood and flying…good for you! look forward to reading more. Julie

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