Queen Of The Sea...

I've been playing a lot in my art journal recently.  It's a place for me to try new techniques, experiment with different mediums, and simply make a beautiful mess!  I saw a site with some beautiful mer-girls and it inspired me to do this page - The Queen of The Sea.  It got me to wondering what life might be like as a mermaid? I wonder if deep under the sea, the queen of the mermaids asks herself  "Does this tail make me look fat?".  Does she hope her long flowing hair will attract the attention of just the right mer-man?  For many of us land lubbers, it can be a major self confidence struggle to buy a new bathing suit and put it on.  This little lady LIVES in one!  Is she naturally skinny or does she have to go on a fish diet from time to time?  Does she even eat fish?  What about exercise - does she count laps swum between sunken ships?  Does she find contentment in singing her siren song?  Is her life one of play, or does she have a job?  Kids? Silly little ramblings I know...but that's why I call it "playing" in my art journal!!!
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justmarydesigns said:

Thanks Sofia! I love it that you have your own little Ariel inside of you! Keep singing!


justmarydesigns said:

Let me know if you uncover the source of your mermaid fascination! I love them too!


Sofia said:

mary very cute this mermaid. I love your thoughts and questions about what it’s like to be a mermaid! when i was younger i remember watching the little mermaid on the big screen… i would pretend that my name was Ariel and I would go around singing “look at this stuff isn’t it neat wouldn’t ya think my collections complete….” like Airel I keep swimming around this place looking for more wondering about that other world where everything is better. thanks so beautiful!


Ann-Margaret said:

Mary, your mermaid is fabulous!! I love mermaids and love this fun post you wrote!! I have been trying to play more in my journals, too…it’s amazing what we can create when we really just let ourselves be free and more relaxed as we seem to be in our journals! :) Happy Weekend!!


justmarydesigns said:

Thanks Ann – Margaret! It’s awesome to be able to just let yourself go and play in an art journal!


Rhonda said:

Mermaids have always held a fascination with me; have watercolor paintings of them in my bathroom, I’m a Pisces, and my home is filled with seashells…thanks for sharing your lovely painting….will have to ponder why I am so attracted to mermaids…

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