Take Time To Smell The Flowers!

Little Girl With Flower - Click Here To Purchase Print

Taking time to stop and smell the flowers.  It's something we all hear we should do, but seldom take the actual time to do it!  I painted this picture after seeing an adorable picture of a little girl in a bowler hat.  I thought it was so cute that I had to paint one myself.  As the painting took shape over many months, flowers began to appear - everywhere!  If you look closely at the top left hand corner, there are some flowers that look like they are fading into the blue.  I drew those in the Boston airport while waiting for a flight last summer.  I used a transfer technique to add them to this canvas - and I love the way they blend in!  The drippy blue background was an experiment with inks....turned sideways!  The collar of her dress was from an old wall paper sample booklet.  The rest was pure imagination! So I encourage you to take a moment to smell the flowers, just like this little cutie!  Reminiscent of more innocent times gone by, this sweet little girl in her beribboned bowler hat smells the daisy as flowers rain down upon her. I hope you (and I!) can remember what it feels like to be enchanted by the scent of a flower!
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Jill said:

Great reminder, Mary. To be honest I take that advice to heart every chance I get. I have a pink rose bush and a peach rose bush that smell amazing and I do stop and smell them often…they won’t be here forever and I want to relish and cherish them while they are.


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