Step Boldly Towards Your Future...

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(Click on picture to purchase)[/caption] Step Boldly Towards Your Future. The time is NOW!  I want this quirky and cute piece to uplift your spirits and remind you that every step forward is a step in the right direction. And while you are stepping you might as well do it in kicky and adorable shoes! We all face challenges that take time and effort to get through - sometimes much more effort than we think we can muster. Recently, I have been dealing with some challenges that kind of rocked my world for a while.  My daughter had the most beautiful baby ever (really - he is!) in January.  Soon after, she developed post-partum depression which led her into post-partum psychosis.  She spent several weeks in the hospital getting stabilized...and meanwhile...all of a sudden I had a baby to take care of.  No doubt that I am madly in love with my little grandson, Baby T.  But loving him as grandma's do, and all of a sudden raising him, are two different things.  Not to mention my constant worry and anguish as I watched my daughter go through the most difficult time in her life. I am so grateful that I had people willing to help us.  Baby T's grandpa helped with some of the nights.  Friends recommended a great day care and a night nanny who is worth her weight in gold.  Caring doctors helped get my daughter back to a place of stabilization.  My own mom visited often and gave me a much needed break.  My team at work was there for whatever I needed, even lending me strollers and baby blankets.  And I had a lot of loving caring people who reached out with a helping hand. Never-the-less, the midnight feedings, colicky evenings, and hospital visits were very wearing.  I forgot where I wanted to go with my life for a while and just concentrated on surviving through each day - taking care of Baby T, taking care of my own two sons, taking care of my company and my clients, taking care of my sick daughter.  There simply wasn't time or energy to take care of me.  But the magic in life is that I got through it.  I'm on the other side of what seemed to be an insurmountable hill.  And I am finally able to start looking forward again and taking those steps towards my own future dreams. My daughter is doing so much better.  Baby T is happy and healthy and just starting to sit up....he will be crawling within days.  I have high hopes that the future for both of them will be bright.  And I  have a smile on my face as I think about where I am now heading myself. I want this piece to remind you that every hard, long, uphill step is so worth taking. Because your dreams matter. And your journey towards the future you want is beckoning you!  Now go put on a rockin' adorable pair of shoes and take that next step.  BE BOLD!!!
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justmarydesigns said:

Thanks Sandi! She is doing much better and baby T gets cuter every day!!!

Amy Cavaness

Amy Cavaness said:

What a difficult time, and how fortunate your daughter has such a strong mother! I’ve been through difficult times and what I’ve taken away is a greater sense of my own strength and power. You are a blessing to your family!

Ashley :)

Ashley :) said:

Wow, totally love! Thanks for sharing and being so open to the fact we all do have struggles but reminding each other to keep pushing through is the key to HOPE!


justmarydesigns said:

You are most welcome Ashley – HOPE is essential to all of us!! Warmly wishing you a brighter future – Mary


sandie said:

I am so sorry to hear your about daughter. I do hope she feeling much better and able to enjoy life again, and her baby son of course. It sounds like baby T is thriving and I am sure your nurturing gave him the stability and start he needed at that awful time.

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