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Is your soul yearning to travel? Do you want to take an adventure to paint in the streets of Paris, wander thru the ruins of the Parthenon, or stand at the foot of the pyramids? Let your spirit fly free with this beautiful painting as it transports you to the world that is beckoning. I must admit to having been bitten by the travel bug many years ago.  I have gone on long journeys to Australia & New Zealand.  I have cruised down the coast of Italy.  I have painted in outdoor cafes on the streets of Paris.  I even converted a slice of my hotel room in Hawaii into a mini art studio.  To me, travel is as essential as breathing.  It's an escape, and adventure, an uncovering of what the world has to offer.  And…. it's just plain fun!

Me - painting in Paris!

Me - painting in Paris!

This 8x10 painting is heavily textured, using metals, fibers, papers, fabric and cardboard. You will want to reach out and touch it!

Here are some fun close ups

. IMG_0067 IMG_0068 IMG_0069 IMG_0070

May your travels take you on many beautiful adventures!

July 22, 2014 by Mary Sterk
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Teresa Cash

Teresa Cash said:

Your detailed description of your art fits it perfectly. I did want to reach out and touch it!


justmarydesigns said:

Thanks Teresa! I think that is my gauge for good art – if it moves you to reach out to touch it then I think it is somehow drawing you in and resonating with you!

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