The Very Thing....

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Available for Purchase Here[/caption] The Very Thing You Are Trying To Avoid Is Exactly What You Must Face. (A Brand New Body Fab-YOU-lous Print!) So true. In this life we spend a lot of time avoiding things - negative emotions, changes in our jobs, relationship issues, internal conflicts, family dynamics....and the list goes on and on. Most of us have gotten really good at avoiding the hard stuff.  It's much easier to bury our heads in the sand and hope that things magically will change without action on our part.  Now don't get me wrong - I believe in magic...but I also believe that the magic lies within the process of facing down the things we most want to avoid. Most often we avoid things because we are afraid.  Afraid of the pain or hurt that may come with facing things.  What I have learned is that the fear of the pain I am avoiding is SO much bigger than the pain itself.  If you face the hard things - it might hurt.  But if you lean into that hurt, really concentrate on feeling it, the pain will soon subside.  And on the other side of that pain is a peacefulness that is beautiful. We also are often afraid of change.  If we face something, we may become aware of the need for change.  You can't un-do awareness.  Change can be hard.  It can mean loss or just as easily mean gain or success.  Either direction can be daunting.  I do believe that dealing with change is much better than dealing with avoidance.  In fact one of my mottos is: "This will make my life easier, more fun, and expand my possibilities". That mantra has gotten me through a lot of changes or situations that would have been much easier to avoid.  So to move forward or create any type of positive change, you must face the things you are trying so hard to avoid. A better future is possible, and it can start today by facing it head on!  
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justmarydesigns said:

Hi Trish – I am so glad the post was meaningful to you! Keep going with your efforts – it all points towards what you are wanting in life. You will get there!!


justmarydesigns said:

You are welcome Linda!!! Glad it was great timing!!!


Connie said:

Love your new painting! And wow, what a truth!


justmarydesigns said:

Thank you Connie!!


trish said:

Mary you have said it so well. I was never over a size 8. 3 before kids… after menopause I tip a nice 14..LOL.. I have not been able to come to peace with my new self. I have tried the gym kept at it for 5 months weights and cardio 1 hour 1/3 4 times a week. the new weight stayed and I gained muscle so I got heavier.. Fat cells did NOT move..LOL.. So I am trying to deal with the change and not avoid… I love your wisdom…. Thank you….

Linda Kinnaman

Linda Kinnaman said:

Perfect timing for a perfect message for me to hear today Mary! Wow and Thank You!

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