23 Delightful Paris Experiences!

[caption id="attachment_795" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] The Postcard
(Click Image To Purchase)[/caption] In 6 short weeks I will be packing my bags and heading out on a Parisian adventure.  My excitement is bubbling over into my art, and I am finding myself painting things that are rustic, antiqued and travel oriented!  Le Voyage Paris has been put together by the amazing Tonya Leigh (Check her out - you will be glad you did!).  Tonya's mottos is French Kiss Life!  How fun and flirty! The trip that she has put together is for 12 women to go EXPERIENCE Paris.  You had to apply and be chosen as one of the 12.  Part of my excitement is knowing I am going to meet 11 amazing and dynamic women.  I am sure that over champagne, french chocolates and vibrant conversation we will become great friends! Tonya challenged us all to think about what we wanted our Paris experience to hold.  To me that meant more then a list of places to go and tourist attractions to visit.  It meant doing some thinking in advance about HOW I want my experience to unfold....what beauty, allure and sparkle in Paris is calling me? So here is my list...what I intend to experience and delight in while on my Paris adventure! 1.  Soak in the beauty that abounds at the Louvre. 2.  Paint on the Siene in a lime green beret. 3.  Sit at the foot of the Arc De Triumph and journal about the next bold move I want to make in my life. 4.  Investigate the delights of the Sorbonne. 5.  Sip a cocktail at the Eiffel Tower. 6.  Dance with wild abandon at the Moulin Rouge. [caption id="attachment_798" align="alignright" width="296"] Fleur 44
(Click Image To Purchase)[/caption] 7.  Sketch with the artists at a streetcorner in  Montmarte. 8.  Boutique shop at the Quartier de la Bastille for the perfect shoes. 9.  Rent a Velib bicycle to ride between arrondissements. 10.  Say a prayer at Notre Dame. 11.  Sip a Cafe Creme on Les Champs Elysees while watching the Parisian women stroll by in high fashion. 12.  Kiss a dashing Frenchman at a club in Pigalle. 13.  Gallery hop at random soaking in color, texture and verve. 14.  Indulge in a relaxing hotel spa massage. 15.  Purchase custom fit french lingerie after consulting with a professional lingerie consultant - ooh la la! 16.  Create my own signature scent at a parfum atelier. 17.  Savor the gourmet tastes of delicious food at a soiree. 18.  Wander an open air market with a chef and watch them cook the fresh produce for lunch. 19.  Nurse a glass of Veuve Clicquot on a Siene River cruise while watching the twinkling lights of Paris pass by. 20.  Discover the perfect scarf to accentuate my femininity. 21.  Nibble artisnal chocolates - so divine! 22.  Befriend and connect with 12 dynamic women. 23.  Smell the bouquet of lovely flowers in a public Paris garden. Wishing you the joie de vivre the french carry off with such flair!!
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carolyn chenault

carolyn chenault said:

This sounds like it will be an amazing experience! I can’t wait to hear about your adventure…right now I’m planning my trip to France in February!


justmarydesigns said:

Oh carolyn I hope your February trip is amazing! I am leaving in just 8 days, so my excitement is mounting!! I will blog about Paris soon!


Debbie said:

Your list of Parisienne experiences is inspiring!!! Heck, YOU are inspiring! I know you will have an amazing time!


justmarydesigns said:

Thanks Julie – I am sure I will be camera happy there!!


justmarydesigns said:

Thanks Debbie!! It will be a lot of fun! I miss seeing you guys and hope all is well with you, Aaron and the kiddos!!


cathy said:

I have been looking for a trip like this forever how did i miss this. are they yearly?


justmarydesigns said:

Cathy – I think this is the first one, but there are still spots available. Check out tonyaleigh.com for details!! It would be great to have you there!


Rhonda said:

Wow, dreamworthy to be sure! Thanks for making me dawdle over your list…what a delightful inspiration for dreams of my own!


justmarydesigns said:

Thanks so much Rhonda!!! The greatest compliment is to have my writing inspire someone else!!!


julie said:

Oh, heavenly! I cant wait to hear about your experiences – take lots of pictures and please share:) Have fun Mary! Julie x

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