This IS The Life I Want To Live...

[caption id="attachment_622" align="aligncenter" width="687"] This IS the Life I Want To Live
Click Here To Purchase Print[/caption] I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about what kind of life I want to have.  Where do I want my company to go?  What do I want my romantic life to look like?  How do I want to guide my kids and my grandson as they grow up?  How do I want to look?  How much do I want to exercise?  What do I want my future to hold?  Where do I want to travel to next? I think the secret to having a joyful life is actually wanting the life you already have. Sometimes the desire for things - material things, relationships, jobs, experiences - makes us feel that our lives are not good enough. Like we somehow are failing because we don't have everything we want right now.  I have come to think that the act of wanting can be good - it can be a driver, a motivator.  It can drive and motivate us in two ways - one positive and one negative.  Wanting can  make us feel small or hopeless, or wanting can make us feel abundant and grateful.  If we want for more out of life from a starting point of wanting what we already have, then I believe that wanting can help his grow in a aura of hope and expansion of the light  in our life. I hope this piece reminds you that the life you want to have starts by wanting the life you DO have! [caption id="attachment_624" align="aligncenter" width="692"] Print Available For Purchase By Clicking Here[/caption]
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lyna said:

Yes- I do believe you’ve hit on something here….once you start appreciating the things in your life, I feel that the energy changes and you can start manifesting changes you may want in it……

Great post

Joanne Freeman

Joanne Freeman said:

Thanks for sharing this. It was a timely reminder for me today. You have inspired me to make a canvas with these words to hang where I can be reminded everyday. :)


justmarydesigns said:

THanks Lyna – I totally agree about the energy change! Thanks for the comment!


justmarydesigns said:

Im so glad that it inspired you to create!!!

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