I REALLY am....

[caption id="attachment_603" align="alignleft" width="692"] Art Journal Page - I Really Am...[/caption]   Ever have those days where your fears rise up - even if they don't make any logical sense?  I took a class about art journaling and the assignment was to journal about your fears on one side...and your reality on the other side.  I think women tend to universally fear some of the same things.  We fear loosing love...our health...our money...our very lives.  We sometimes even fear looking in the mirror to see how our pants fit today, or fear stepping on the scale to get the same bad news day after day.   I'm done with these fears.  They really don't serve me.  I don't make forward progress with my life when I sit in a puddle of fear.  Or when I anxiously fret about what "could" happen or what "they" might think.  When I think about being bold, embracing my strength and the beauty within me - well it just makes me feel strong.  Like I can conquer the world.  Like I am solidly here and a force to be reckoned with.   So here is what I really am....I'm a damn good business woman.  An emerging artist.  A loving mother.  A doting grandmother.  A pilot with a sense of adventure that goes as far as my airplane will take me.  A classy girl with a little flair and a lot of pluck who intends to live her life on her own terms.   Goodbye silly fears.... hello sweet life!
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Rhonda Franks

Rhonda Franks said:

You are YOU, and you are celebrating YOU, and that is a Self-honoring thing to do with a capital “S”. That’s called loving yourself….Thanks for expressing that and being a healthy role model for other women. We are not here to be eye candy…We are here to BE!!!!! And if we Create Eye Candy, well, that’s the whipped cream on the Frappaccino!!!! (Spelled that wrong? who care! HaHaHaHA!)

Linda Barutha

Linda Barutha said:

You sure are Mary! Very cool post. We all need to be reminded to look at ourselves for who we really are and love ourselves!

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