You Are The Dancing Queen...

Here she is.  Dancing.  She continues to dance and delight in life even in the midst of challenges.  The bolder reds paint a picture of strife, power and passion, muted by the smokier blues that suggest uncertainty and the unknown.  Throughout it all, she dances bodily and brightly on, radiating color and light to those around her.  She is the Dancing Girl.  A Dancing Queen. This painting emerged through many, many layers.  It started here with some drips and squiggles and a spray bottle of water....   I learned from the Flora Bowley e-course Bloom True the art of intuitively adding color without being attached to the outcome.  Layering on paint and enjoying the process of what emerged.... Adding more color.  Just having fun.  Making marks with odd things.  Starting to look like a cacophony of color!  One of the funniest parts of this was painting with a foam brush.  Yep - a 25 cent foam brush.  Doesn't seem very hoity-toity or artistic....but it makes great marks and was fun! Next I added some black and white to gain some value contrast.  Amazing how depth was instantly achieved.... Still no dancing girl here...but you can sort of see the beginning of the flower in the lower left hand corner.  From here I loosely painted on the images flitting through my mind as these colors seemed to dance lightly on the canvas.... I began to add color....making some bold moves.  The blue came out of nowhere and seemed to dissolve into a mistiness.  The red came out of my heart, which at the time was breaking for my struggling daughter.  Trusting my intuition to cover some parts with new colors and let the amazing under layers shine through in other places.  Feeling my way. And finally finishing it out (same as first picture above).  Dancing with her as she dances.  Becoming the Dancing Queen in my own life.  Dancing my own way through struggle and strife, boldly radiating love and light. Dance on!
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Jagged Touch Studio

Jagged Touch Studio said:

Thanks Mary! Enjoyed sharing in the thought process with you. I love how my thoughts flow on the journey through the evolution of a piece…..finding out so much about myself, my beliefs and my feelings about life at that very moment.

Carol Kovach Bray

Carol Kovach Bray said:

Thanks for showing the progression. Beautiful!

stephanie costello

stephanie costello said:

ah mary, i loved looking at your painting process and reading the words. truly inspiring and so close to my own personal struggles with my daughter. thanks for sharing this.


lambertjill said:

This is so joyful! I love the feeling of her throwing her arms up in the world and dancing—this evokes such a great feeling.


Kathleen Conard

Kathleen Conard said:

I love this – the energy, color and and title!!!

Cheryl Dossey

Cheryl Dossey said:

Very nice Mary. It’s a beautiful piece. I really like your blog too, very bright and happy.


shellsinthebush said:

She’s beautiful, well done.

Rhonda Franks

Rhonda Franks said:

Rock on!


teresacash said:

I was entranced by the artwork and the depth of the description of what you were creating. A+ in my book. AND. She looks like a dancing queen. I think I am going to take you up on your offer and follow you via email. I want to see more.

Linda Kinnaman

Linda Kinnaman said:

I too like seeing the progression. I like how you boldly added intense colors towards the end. This is an interesting process. So freeing!


Cathy said:

Beautiful! Loved seeing the progression.

Linda Barutha

Linda Barutha said:

I love seeing the progression! Thanks for sharing;)

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