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I can't get enough of learning about painting....mixed media....the art business.....did I mention painting?  One of the best things I am learning in the Flora Bowley e-course Bloom True is to just paint with wild abandon.  It really doesn't matter what the layers look like, it just matters that you are layering.  Eventually it will matter what they morph into, but for now its just a free flow of color from my heart right onto the canvas.  Here are my first 4 layers....I can't wait to learn what the next 4 will look like!!!!
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Susan Walls-Beverly

Susan Walls-Beverly said:

All our paintings look so different but we’re all doing similar techniques…amazing! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!


Rachel said:

Love your painting Mary. I’m doing Flora’s corde too and there some pretty wild stuff happening

Rhonda Franks

Rhonda Franks said:

So exciting to see all the revolutions you all are going through! Looks so “freeing”!


Jill said:

I love seeing the process of your paintings! I’ve been literally aching to “paint with wild abandon” — something I really struggle with but I know will be SO freeing. I just can’t let myself go as much as I want. Any tips on this? I can’t wait to paint with Flora in the fall!



justmarydesigns said:

I think you will LOVE her class Jill! In the videos she really gives you a good approach to letting go….you will get there and soon be painting with wild abandon!

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