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Art.  I love it.  I love making it.  Love looking at it.  Love reading art books.  Love reading art blogs.  Love trying new techniques and finding new supplies that delight me. I love creating in my studio....such a place of peace and therapy for me.  When the world starts to feel like it's closing in I can escape to my little art studio and paint out all of my frustrations, angers and overwhelm.  When I have something to celebrate it's a place of private haven where I can relax, bask in my joy and paint brightly colored pieces expressing my love and radiant life. The funny thing about my love of art is that it is all about exploring.  I can explore with a new medium.  A new class.  A new photoshop trick.  A new color.  A new friend.  A new style.  I can constantly invent and reinvent.  If I don't like it I can paint over it.  I can shade it.  I can chuck it and start something new.  Then come back to it later and breathe new life into it. And I love, love, love the art supplies.  I'm like a kid in the candy store when I walk into a Hobby Lobby or a Michaels.  I want to have one of everything....and two of the things that sparkle!! Right now, apparently I am obsessed with learning everything I can about not just making art, but the business of art.  I am taking three e-classes - Hello Business Hello Soul, The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, and Bloom True by Flora Bowley.  I am finding my way as I learn new things about WHY art is speaking to me - heck its not just speaking to me - it is shouting at me to pay attention!!!  And I am loving it!  Loving it all!!!
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Debbie Goode

Debbie Goode said:

You go girl!


melanie said:


Kristin Dudish

Kristin Dudish said:

This is a wonderful post – I am having such a fun time looking around your blog too! (And wowwee – look at that stack of books! Hee hee)


p.s. Thanks for the wordle link a few posts down – I’m definitely going to give that a try :)

Mary Cottingham

Mary Cottingham said:

I adore the enthusiasm in your post! So happy to be on this creative journey with you!


starhitchedwagon said:

I know what you mean about escaping to the studio…we are so lucky to have that place to go and play and dream about playing!! Enjoy your time in yours! And best of luck with your business of art classes!!!


Leslie said:

Wonderful! I love e-courses…just not enough money at the moment to take too many. I am taking Body Restoration with Brave Girls Club.

Happy arting!! Love your blog look…did you create the banner??


Frauke said:

LOVE the picture of art shouting at you ;-))


amyhillenbrand said:

Wow, that’s a lot of classes, have fun with them all. Thanks for the little peak inside your studio. I always enjoy seeing what other people’s creative corners look like. See you in HSHB.

C M Rawlins

C M Rawlins said:

What a fun and uplifting post! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm.

Michelle Turbide

Michelle Turbide said:

You are one busy lady! Well, when we find out passion it doesn’t feel like work, right?

Rhonda Franks

Rhonda Franks said:

You are a whirling dirvish of creativity, yet you manage to have such an organized and delicious looking studio! What an inspiration!!!!! Love all that you posted….

Michelle - ShellsintheBush

Michelle - ShellsintheBush said:

I love your studio – great that you have one as you are such a busy girl with all those courses – good luck with them.

Ann Marie

Ann Marie said:

Wow girl, you are one busy lady. Your life is “art” filled for sure. I most certainly can relate to your love of art, in all forms.


happilyeverafterbyreneeburke said:

I want to have one of everything….and two of the things that sparkle!! – -Be Shiny!!! xoxo Love your space and how excited you are!! xo


Lisa said:

So much enthusiasm and energy! Must be all that time recharging in the studio!


tatterednworn said:

I love everything about this post!

Teresa Erwin

Teresa Erwin said:

Love your invigorating post. How you manage three classes at once, I can’t even imagine. Thanks for the fun photos of your studio.

Melanie Douthit

Melanie Douthit said:

You have inspired me to get organized!!! Enjoy all your classes!! Happy Valentines Day!!


Ursula said:

Haha, Mary- great Post!! I can visualize the ART yelling at you!! Thanks for the smile!!

Lisa Wright

Lisa Wright said:

Wow – three courses at once!! That’s some commitment!
I am like a kid in art stores too. Our UK equivalent is probably HobbyCraft – a big warehouse with a bit of everything in. I always go in intending to buy one thing and come out with about 10!!


analisarutstein said:

Hi Mary, Love being on 2/3 of this journey with you HSHB, and Bloom True! Here’s to paying attention to WHYs of Art for you! Love & Grace, AnaLisa

valerie weller

valerie weller said:

WOW Mary!! 3 fabulous courses and lots of art to be made. Your ART enthusiasm is contagious. Can’t wait to see your creations and hear more~ fun post~ thanks for sharing… hugs~vaLerie


jewelsdesignscreativecorner said:

I feel you! Great Background:-)))


spaark said:

Now thats enthusiasm! I get it!
I love your studio..looks very cozy and colorful…and quite tidy.

Joann Loftus

Joann Loftus said:

I enjoy connecting with other in this class (HSHB) and I’m also taking Flora’s class! Thanks for sharing. Love your studio! Happy Valentine’s Day!

kelly hoernig

kelly hoernig said:

I can so relate to your love of art making me love your appreciation of all it inspires!


lyna said:

wow- how do you find the time for all those classes at once?I’m taking Rachel’s class as well and with having to feed my cats, can barely keep up ! (But then again I am photoshop challenged.

But I too love to learn…would love to take a year off to just take art classes…..


Laney said:

Fun seeing your studio! I’d love to take the Pattern Design class – maybe next time!


Carol said:

I love how you have your books stored. You can see all the wonderful titles and nothing looks like it’s hiding from view. Thanks for sharing!

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