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Towards the end of last year I started an e-course called the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design.  This was put on by the very talented Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls.  One of the key things we focused on was really zeroing in on what your signature style is.  I must admit I was kind of skeptical at first - mostly not believing I actually HAD as signature style.  Turns out I do! One of the exercises that really helped me define it was creating a Pattern Love Board.  What I learned was that my style generally has elements of 4 things - Swirls, Curvy Silhouettes, Floral, or Brightly Colored Symmetrical patterns.  Below is my board - I hope you have as much fun looking at it as I did creating it!
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dianerooney said:

Love this. I’m a fellow student, Mary and have thouroughly enjoyed the course. So professional and really helping me to firm up my dreams towards becoming a surface pattern designer. x

Lisa Wright

Lisa Wright said:

You style has a taste – sweet like party ring biscuits!


lambertjill said:

This is great! I love your style.

Rhonda Franks

Rhonda Franks said:

That is soooo fun! Reminds me of my first design inspiration board I did in…..drum roll…..1974! You have it going on, and looks like you are lovin’ it! Keep going…love your mission statement.

Chickpea StudioTracy

Chickpea StudioTracy said:

Love it! What a great idea!

Kathleen Conard

Kathleen Conard said:

SO much fun to look at!!!

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