Step Forward...


We have all heard the phrase "Life is a journey".  But some days I wonder just where is it that this journey leads?  When I put one foot in front of the other, what exactly am I stepping toward?

I definitely don't have all of the answers.  But here are some things I have learned to be true on MY journey.  I want to step forward towards something more beautiful.  I want stepping forward to equal leaving behind painful things from the past.  I want to step forward within relationships, as a parent, and as a business woman.  I want moving forward to be something that does slightly scare me, but at the same time draws me forth with the possibilities that an unknown future holds.  And finally, I always want to be stepping forward in an atmosphere of growth, while being at peace with the place I am currently standing.

When I see this beach, I see it as powerful and peaceful in the same breath.  I want to walk down the beach towards the furthest point and explore what I can't see ahead yet.  I hope it evokes the same in you.  I hope it makes you want to Step Forward towards whatever is beckoning you...

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Helen said:

Words to truly think about. I am really drawn in by your have a talent.


Chelle said:

Oh wow!!! This is beautiful you are very talented!! Stopping by from flying lessons

Mary Sterk

Mary Sterk said:

Thanks for stopping by Chelle & Helen! Glad you liked it!! I will check out your sites!

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