Longing To Be Outside, Windows Series Part 5

Do you ever just NEED to get outside?  In our temporary office there are no windows...just concrete walls.  And boxes.  Lots of file boxes.  It makes me want to break out - to run out into the sunshine and turn my face up to feel the heat of the summer day.  




In my normal neighborhood we have the most gigantic trees.  Part of the reason I moved there in the first place was to walk daily among the giant trees.  I loved the fact that they cut the neighborhood out of the trees - that they didn't raze the trees to build a neighborhood.  


For those of you who don't know this, I am temporarily displaced in both home and office due to flooding.  I want to go home.  I miss my trees.


There is something spiritual about being in nature.  The new blossoms in spring, the green leaves blowing  in the wind mid summer, and the glorious changing of the colors as fall rolls around.


So when I look out a window what do I want to see?  The beauty of nature smiling back at me.  I am longing to be outside!






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Roberta Laliberte

Roberta Laliberte said:

Mary! These are gorgeous! I am a tree hugger too, breaks my heart when people cut em down. Thanks for popping by my blog!

Mary Sterk

Mary Sterk said:

Thanks ladies!!! Nature is a beautiful thing!!

Kelly Lahl

Kelly Lahl said:

That must be so difficult to be displaced. I wish you sunshine and foliage! Great work. Love the key!

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