Help me name this painting!


Help!  This painting needs a name!  What does it evoke for you?  Do you see a visions of traveling with a passport?  Postage markings as if on a vintage postcard?  Beyond a circle and some numbers, what do you see?  

Submit a comment with the Painting Name.  And thanks for your help!

For those who enjoy learning about how this was created, read on... This painting was deceptively simple to create.  I did most of the artwork in a mixed media class I took just experimenting with different looks.  I normally would have added a lot more depth and visual interest to it, but my instructor challenged me to stop and just stare at it for a while...maybe this one would have a simpler, less busy look to it.

First I mixed some yellow, white and gold acrylic paint and laid the base.  I painted a large circle frame with a turquose color and used the frame itself as a stamp.  

Rubber stamps and archival quality permanent ink came in handy to mark the orange and turquoise stamped patterns.  Then I used a smaller circle frame as a guideline to paint the holographic looking iridescent blue.  When you move around to view it, the iridescent quality makes it look different from each point of view - very cool!


Last I used rub on numerals to give it the numbered effect.  And then I stopped.  I think it is beautiful in its simplicity.  And what, oh what shall we name it??


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Babs said:

And leave the rest to the imagination. ;)
Unless you want to call it “Waiting for word”


Anneli said:

How about “Where Are You Going?”
Love the painting by the way. Very cool.


Kim said:

You already named it.. “beyond a circle” sounds like it’s name to me


alicia said:

I’m not sure I can help with a name, but it’s very cool. You are such a talented artist!

Mary Sterk

Mary Sterk said:

Thanks Alicia! I appreciate the support and encouragement!!

Magic Gypsy

Magic Gypsy said:

“Postmark from the land of imagination”

Tiffany Rodriguez

Tiffany Rodriguez said:

Ink on the fly.


julie said:

Outside the box. BUT then you mentioned passport, traveling ..all of which I hadnt seen and other names came to mind. Road less travelled – endless possibility-
Good work on keeping it simple.

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