To Change your Body

$ 23.00

We all want that magic pill...that miracle diet that will immediately transform our bodies into the icon of beauty that we desire to be. The path towards that body doesn't start with anything external - it all starts with something inside of you. Your thoughts are the key. Your thoughts create feelings, and those feelings create actions, and those actions create results. If you want the results in your life to be a body that is changing towards what you want it to be, you must start by changing those internal thoughts.

This 8x8 print comes matted in black, and is printed with high quality ink on beautiful luster paper. It will look wonderful anywhere you need a reminder to believe in yourself and that peace can be found right now, in the body you inhabit today.

My prints are smudge resistant, long lasting, and fade resistant! Professionally packaged using a plastic sleeve, and shipped inside a protective flat, stiff envelope. Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is signed by (Me!) the artist.

The Body Fab-YOU-lous line is dedicated to helping women find peace and end their struggle with weight loss and body image challenges. You truly ARE Body Fab-YOU-lous!