You are so much more than your Dress Size

$ 23.00

How often do we let the size of our dress influence how we feel about ourselves? Every day we look in the closet and think the size on the tag somehow is a reflection of WHO we are. Girl - I'm here to tell you that you are SO much more! The key to ending the weight loss and body image struggles that so many women have begins with changing the thoughts that fill up our own minds. I hope this print will be a beautiful reminder that a better future is possible - one filled with belief in your own beauty!

This 8x8 print comes matted in black, and is printed with high quality ink on beautiful luster paper. It will look wonderful anywhere you need a reminder to believe in yourself and that peace can be found right now, in the body you inhabit today.

The Body Fab-YOU-lous line is dedicated to helping women find peace and end their struggle with weight loss and body image challenges. You truly ARE Body Fab-YOU-lous!